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Voltage Limiters
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Voltage Limiters

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Nsdrc Voltage Limiter - 5amp and 10amp

*** Not To Be Used As A BEC ***

Our 5 amp Voltage Limiter can take input voltage up to 8s lipo/ 33.6v, and our 10amp version can take input voltage up to 12s lipo/ 55v. The output voltage is not adjustable, which is why we offer 3 voltage options, 8.4v, 12.6v, and 16.8v. These units will simply plug in line between your battery and your servo, receiver, or whatever you are using it to power. They are not the smallest devices but have what's necessary in order to output continuous 5 - 10 amps and not overheat!

Dimensions and weight:

5 amp - 54mm Long x 24mm wide / 17 grams

10 amp - 75mm Long x 21mm wide / 22

We have very simple power management options for both gas and electric rc options to run our servos! For those who run gas motors and use gas/brake low voltage servos, We have our limiters to help manage the voltage throughout your truck. If you want to run our RS2500 and get the higher power out of it with 3s or 4s lipo voltage, you can run a 3s/4s battery with one of our In-Line connectors to give direct power to the servo, and also to power one of our 8.4v limiters. The limiter will take the higher voltage from the battery and output the 8.4v to your receiver to power your gas/brake servo and other lower voltage electronics.

For those who are running 6s - 12s lipo high voltage electric motor setups, it's the same idea. You use one of our In-Line connectors between your battery and esc, then the voltage limiter which will take in any voltage up to 60v and output the selected voltage of 12.6 or 16.8v direct to the servo! If you have any questions just message us and we can help explain and show pictures, everything is simply plug and play

☆☆ If using a series harness, you must connect to power directly at the positive and negative wires on the esc. If using one of our In-Line connectors, you must only use it on the battery connector of the series harness that has the dedicated negative/ground wire connected to the esc. 

**These units are not adjustable, they will be permanently set to the voltage you select.

**We will not be held liable for any damage caused by use of this device.

**Please be sure to abide by the maximum operating voltage listed on your servo to not risk voiding your servo warranty!

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