SS200 Extreme Performance Servo **HELI SPEC**
SS200 Extreme Performance Servo **HELI SPEC**
SS200 Extreme Performance Servo **HELI SPEC**

SS200 Extreme Performance Servo **HELI SPEC**

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SS200 Extreme Performance Low Profile Servo

**HELI SPEC**    760us / 560hz

 The SS00 Extreme Performance Low Profile Servo was designed with speed, power, and precision in mind. Delivering an incredible 244 oz-in of torque and 0.03 transit speed at 8.4V. No other low profile servo on the market has better combined speed and torque!  Spec's like these make this servo a top contender tail servo use in 500 all the way up to 800 class helicopters Helicopters, Planes, and anything else requiring extreme speed, incredible responsiveness, and awesome power!

Other features include a full cnc aluminum case that provides high durability and improved heat dissipation. Compact size for tight fitment and weight savings.  Powered by a high-quality, high-efficiency brushless motor, and high-resolution digital circuitry, the SS200 provides next level precision, performance, and reliability!

Using our industry leading 5 gear stainless steel gear-train alongside a high quality, long life angle sensor, the SS200 has superior centering, extreme precision, smooth actuation, and unrivaled durability! 

If you're ready to take your RC experience to the next level, the SS200 Extreme Performance Low Profile Servo is the ultimate choice! Don't settle for anything less than superior, upgrade to the SS200 today and unleash the full potential of your RC!


** The Heli Spec version of the SS200 is set with a narrow band for higher frequency at 760us / 560hz for elivated response.  You must be sure your Transmitter/Gyro are capable of running these settings. If not, you need to run the normal SS200 with 1500us / 330hz settings. 

☆ Recommended to be used with a Bec with 8amp or higher output. 

Warranty: 1 year 

See warranty page for full details

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