RS700 V1 Optional High Speed gears

RS700 V1 Optional High Speed gears

Regular price$16.99

These optional high speed gears will increase the speed of the RS700 V1, doing so will also slightly decrease the torque output.

High speed gear specs...

Speed - 0.18 @ 8.4v Torque - 420oz @ 8.4v

Speed - 0.12 @ 12.6v Torque - 640oz @ 12.6v

Speed - 0.09 @16.8v Torque - 800oz @ 16.8v

You have to be very careful and take your time when swapping out the gears. If you're not careful when removing the main spline gear you can break the potentiometer which sits up inside of it from below. Damage caused by self installation voids warranty

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